Year 2143. The great nuclear war, triggered by the lack of drinking water, has come to an end. The Earth is now scorched, and violent sand storms last for months. On the ruins of the former Bucharest city, the survivors have repaired a small water treatment plant. In the midst of a storm, the plant fails, endangering their survival. When everything seemed lost, the storm eases out, giving them the opportunity to send a team to fix the problem.

You and your friends will assume this responsibility. The stake is great and all the hopes of  people rest on you. You have to hurry, because the storm can return with vengeance, blocking your way back.

With a high degree of mechanization, with sound effects throughout the game and an impressive scenery, H2Out is a serious option for anyone who wants to have a remarkable escape room experience. The linear game and puzzles, well-integrated in the story, make it approachable for less experienced players as well.


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Game type: Linear
Teamwork: 7/10
Experience level: Medium
Degree of mechanization: 10/10
Best time: –

Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 2-6
Minimum age: 14 years
Children under 14 years of age can play only as part of adult teams

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