Operation Mindfall ONLINE

Spider Tech, an ultra – secret criminal organization that serves obscure interests, has developed an extremely dangerous virus and wants to use it to take control over the humanity.The evil plan was to launch the virus into the global drinking water system and activate it from their headquarters in Lisbon. There are only three hours left until it is fulfilled.

You and your team are thrown by W.I.S.E., the secret agency you worked for, in a race against time to save the Earth from total control. The mission is called “Operation Mindfall” and bears the sign “top secret”. To complete it, you must discover the antidote and stop activating the virus placed by Spider Tech in the running water network.

Enter an espionage adventure, full of intrigue, suspense and adrenaline! You have 180 minutes to complete the job. Failure is not an option!

Team Game

Enjoy an immersive and challenging activity with family, friends or colleagues. In order to complete the mission, you will have to collaborate constantly, solve logical challenges or break codes behind which vital information is hidden.


Operation Mindfall ONLINE can be played from anywhere there is an internet connection and the resources needed for the game. You can play it together, in the same room, but also if you are in different locations, regardless if it is the same city, the same country or the same continent.

Digital Suport

Our virtual agent, Laura Hunt, is ready to help you with clues at any point in the game. Thus, you can advance in the game without needing any additional help.

Are you looking for a fun activity for your employees?

Operation Mindfall is an online escape room type game, that will increase efficiency, motivation and social interaction within your team. The challenges in the game stimulate cooperation, logical thinking and the ability to identify solutions under time pressure, in a fun and interactive way.

Because it can be played remotely, it is an ideal teambuilding activity for employees who see each other rarely or only in video conferences.

In addition, an unlimited number of teams can participate simultaneously and try to get the best time possible.

Contact us for more details and we will offer you a super fun activity that will keep people connected, even from a distance.

Teambulding  I  2000+ players  I  Remote  I  Team Battle

How to play:

After purchase, you will receive an email with an access code and a website link. Send the link and access code to all those who will play with you (recommended 2-4 players) and set the start time. The main player must download the Mindfall 2.0 (application size: 1GB) application on a tablet or an IOS phone (iPhone 5s/iPad2 or newer models) and register with the code. The other players will have to access the link from a laptop or PC and log in using the same code.

To solve it, you will have maximum three hours from the moment you start, so make sure everyone is in position before starting the game.

If you are not in the same place, you can use a platform to communicate with each other, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype.

In order not to waste your game time, prepare the virtual discussion room before starting the game. Good luck!

Number of players: 2-4   I   Game duration: max. 180 min   I   Required devices: 1 IOS (iPhone / iPad) and 2-4 other devices (laptop, pc or tablet)

After filling in the reservation form, we will send you the invoice, which can be paid by bank transfer.

We expect proof of payment, by e-mail at contact@captive.ro.

In maximum 2 hours from the confirmation, we will send you all the necessary information for login and the access code.

The access code is valid for 24 hours.

Price: 130 RON / team   (≈ 27 EURO)