Operation Mindfall OUTDOOR

Spider Tech, an ultra – secret criminal organization that serves obscure interests, has developed an extremely dangerous virus and wants to use it to take control over the humanity.The evil plan was to launch the virus into the global drinking water system and activate it from their headquarters in Lisbon. There are only three hours left until it is fulfilled.

You and your team are thrown by W.I.S.E., the secret agency you worked for, in a race against time to save the Earth from total control. The mission is called “Operation Mindfall” and bears the sign “top secret”. To complete it, you must discover the antidote and stop activating the virus placed by Spider Tech in the running water network.

Enter an espionage adventure, full of intrigue, suspense and adrenaline! You have 180 minutes to complete the job. Failure is not an option!

Team Game

Enjoy with your loved ones a captivating outdoor treasure hunt experience. Operation Mindfall is a good opportunity to spend two hours with family, friends or colleagues in a race against time, with the ultimate goal of saving humanity from disaster. Collaborate as a real spy team in order to solve the challenges you will encounter at every step.

Outdoor Activity

Operation Mindfall Outdoor integrates elements of augmented reality, GPS location and puzzles specific to the escape room games. To get to the end, you will have to follow the route we set up in the Circus Park.  During this time, you will look for clues, find ways to use the information hidden at various points, along with objects from the action pack and manage to solve all the challenges of the mission. Meanwhile you will enjoy the sun, the scenery and an excellent walk.

Digital Support

Our virtual agent, Laura Hunt, is ready to help you with clues at any point in the game. Thus, you can advance in the game without needing any additional help.

Are you looking for a fun activity for your employees?

Operation Mindfall is a mix between the concepts of treasure hunt and escape room, and integrates modern technologies, like augmented reality and GPS location. Being a timed game, based on logic, it will increase efficiency, motivation and social interaction within your team. The activity is an excellent idea for a successful team building and will improve the way your team members work together and communicate. Through its challenges the game will stimulate logical thinking and the ability to identify solutions under the pressure of time.

In addition, more teams can participate simultaneously and try to get the best time possible.

Contact us for more details and we will offer you a super fun outdoor team building option.

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Cum se joaca:

With 20 minutes before the start of the game, you will go through a short briefing in our reception and we will hand you all the gadgets needed to accomplish the mission. First of all, the spy tablet, on which you will receive vital information, find out the locations you have to visit, communicate your progress to the agency or ask for help. You will also get the Action Pack that contains all the information that W.I.S.E. obtained them from Dr. Bergman or other sources and various devices designed to help you.

Equipped with everything you need, you will follow the route in the Circus Park and you will use the GPS to reach various points on the map where information was hidden. You will have to pay attention to details to notice the clues left behind. During the two hours of the mission, you will solve logical challenges, use augmented reality and spy gadgets, in order to infiltrate Spider Tech, find the antidote, and stop the activation sequence of the deadly virus. Good luck!

Number of players: 2-6   I   Game duration: max.180 min

Operation Mindfall OUTDOOR



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Choose the game interval, click on it and fill in the requested information. After the reservation has been registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

We are waiting for you and your team at our location, at least 20 minutes before the start of the adventure, to brief you for the game and provide you with the resources to solve it.

The cost for the game will be paid at our location by cash or card.

Price: 250 RON / team   (≈ 52 EURO)