The Gauntlet

After Thanos finally completed his plan and killed half the universe, the remaining warriors are looking for a way to repair the evil done.

It seems that the only solution is to recover the infinity stones and the gauntlet, which the negative hero hid in his cave. A series of almost unbreakable mechanisms and challenges protect them, even in his absence, and make the mission almost impossible. Together with your colleagues, you are part of the team of superheroes who take responsibility for stealing the precious objects from the cave of the most powerful and dangerous character in the Universe. You have very little time left before Thanos finds out about your presence and destroys you. You must hurry!

The Gauntlet is a fully mechanized escape room, with a spectacular scenery and a multitude of sound and visual effects, correlated with solving the puzzles in the room. The linear game, but with points when several challenges can be solved simultaneously, gives an extra fluency and logic. The Gauntlet is a room with a medium to advanced level of difficulty.


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Game type: Mostly Linear
Teamwork: 9/10
Experience level: Medium
Mechanization: 10/10
Best time: TEAM SQUARED – 25’21”

Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 2-6
Minimum age: 14 years
Children under 14 years of age can play only as part of adult teams

Escape Percentage